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God has helped me and can help me again

It was before Christmas, money was tight and my car needed new inspection and registration stickers. I took my car in to get the state inspection and as I was sitting in the lobby I was a nervous mess with all the what ifs … what if it didn't pass … what if I need a lot of expensive new parts … even a new car … how would I pay for it all? I needed it to pass. I felt very discouraged and overwhelmed.

My mom told me to stop getting ahead of myself and ask God to help me, so I prayed. I felt scared; I didn't know what would happen and I didn't feel very hopeful, but after I prayed I calmed down a bit. (I had asked God to help me - I needed my car to pass so I could register it and drive to work and home without fear of getting pulled over and getting tickets I knew I couldn't pay.) In those moments I shared the troubles that weighed my heart down with God, and even though I knew I was still waiting, I felt better.

A few minutes later the mechanic came in to tell me my car had passed! I hurried across the street to get my registration renewed. Everything turned out so well! God took care of me and eased my worries. Now when I start to freak out over anything, I remember that I can pray to God - that God has helped me and God can help me again.

-- Submitted by Vanessa

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